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About us

Gigathon Technologies was first incorporated in February 2016 as a business, and registered as an LLC in March 2022 with Registration Number 1902637. The objects for which this company is established are to carry on business as an information technology company, to engage in the business of building innovative technological solutions and information technology consulting, and to carry on other relevant professional and commercial services.
Our services may be related to, but not limited to the business of software solutions and developments, information technology, system analysis, design, innovation, re-engineering, intermediary business partnerships and contracts, commercial activities and industrial transactions, brand management, sales & marketing, and viable investments. 
There are 6 major focus areas or industries where we exert our growing expertise and relevance. These focus areas includes IT & software solutions, financial technology services, digital commerce, civil projects, resource management & business consulting.

Gigathon Technologies limited

Our chosen COMMITMENT TO INDUSTRY span the following focus areas


Software Development

Deploying tools for IT solutions, applications, and relevant field expertise to bring the best services to your door step.


Financial Services

Developing potential solutions and conceptual services to boost financial inclusion, payments, commerce, freelance and global remittances.


Civil Projects

Developing flexible solutions for civil projects, and to retire most project delivery constraints using specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver value and quality to consumers.


Digital Commerce

Developing opportunities for wholesale commerce and export trade with relevant technology.


Resources Management

Developing platforms for economic & potential growth, skill outsourcing, resource, asset & business management, idea & talent management, and exploring other opportunities.


Business Consulting

Using our expertise to  deliver solutions that may be profitable or sustainable over specific lifetime with target delivery .



A user-centric digital service to cut remittance costs, payment barriers, and boost FX sourcing through people with private reserves in available payment channels. 



Skills and productivity outsourcing service that  enables remote work and local freelancing. (Planned)



Port-to-store wholesale commerce outfit that supports retailers with zero access to importers and local manufacturers. (Planned)



Blockstack features a simple, powerful, and automated project monitoring and management system for housing projects, buildings and civil constructions. (Planned)



Technology-driven, automated procurement system to support the global logistics and micro-shipping services that we provide.  (Planned)

active & conceptual projects


Blockstack is standard for building dreams. A building & construction innovation that simplifies real estate development using technology.

Gigslott is a local talent hub for digital products and skilled services.

PEXBANK is a tech-enabled platform that provides instant payment processing to allow recipients of diaspora remittances to receive money for local expenditure with zero need for currency handling though direct peer conversions. Live with over 8000+ users

Minishipper is a potential enabler to access global shipping, haulage and local logistics services for non-oil exports. 

MetalCarton is a potential B2B channel that will support local commerce, product manufacturers using tailored business services.

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Harjibix - PEXBANK


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emmanuel worthwhile - pexbank


Pexbank Is The Best Escrow Service. I Have Used It Many Times, They Are Excellent.


Princewill Goodnews - pexbank

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Very Satisfied


Ngozi Anenyeonwu - pexbank

"A Great Place

Great place to be!! Smooth transactions, honest people, just a wonderful lot. Glad to have encountered ds site when I did. Well done Pex Bank team!!!


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"A Great Financial Product

They have awesome customer service with a great financial product….it is joyful and blissful using PexBank service ..I recommend them


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the future that we see


Becoming growth giants in the fields of Information technology, finance, commerce and human resources.

Technology and information have changed the trajectory of businesses, service solutions and customizable personal experiences. Our mission is to employ knowledge, experience and creativity with dynamic execution of expertise for solutions that will influence multiple beneficiaries.  And we can achieve this.

C.E.O Godswill Godwin

Our Team

Godswill Godwin

Chief Executive Officer, Serial Entrepreneur.

Ninilola Kadara

Talent Acquisitions & Corporate Communications Manager.


Samuel Amobi

Civil Engineer & Project Manager, Blockstack


Adebayo Dorcas

Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Consultant

Oriented professionals beginning new careers find it appealing to own their dream investment in real estate in the nearest future but they often fail to see the financial constraints potentially ahead of uncertain career paths. Real estate development is capital intensive with several challenges including job site risks, design defect loses, and cost overruns among others. Overall repayment on mortgage plans can be too high considering the interests involved. Job losses can lead to dept and risk of losing your home. Resources & personnel management needs professional handling. Untrained & ill-mannered professionals exploit and inflate material and project costs as well as subscribe to substandard products that incur pre & post investment losses. Personal financial goals for real estate could be easily coveted by other life contingencies. Projects abandoned over time due to financial constraints may lose support from initial team of developers and could present new challenges to transitioning team if design documentation is not properly understood.